Mandag: lukket

Tirsdag: Opdelt køn kl. 15.00-21.00

Onsdag: Opdelt køn kl. 15.00-20.00 saunagus 20.00-21.00

Torsdag: Kun åbent for Saunagus, blandet køn

kl. 18.00-20.00 og kl. 20.00-21.00

Fredag: Blandet køn kl. 16.00-20.00

Lørdag: Opdelt køn kl. 9.00-15.00

Søndag: Kun åbent for Saunagus, blandet køn kl. 12.00-13.00


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Liquid Cacao Dreams

  • 16:00

14495507_749573165182832_5046560899519440303_n<<….LiQuid CaCaO DreamS, will embrace you with RaWcare n Warmth….>>
-you are again invited into the Lush location of an old beautiful bathhouse, whom for a Evening will transform into a steamy jungle, treating Us with a CacaO Brew, a rejuvenating ridiculously rich chill out Realm, Dreamy MusiC to dance- Sauna GuS’s- Fruits n more CacaO to be found in Scrubs- ice cubes and Raw treats n Smoothies….

In this Cacao ceremonial DreaM space we will salute IxcacaO- The CacaO GodesS – Celebrate Shakti -the Feminine in everyBODY, the aspect of wholsome Care- Diving in -loving power- the ego challenger- embodied sensuality- regeneratress- soft enduring strength… We share simple heart prayers – be honored and honer others through our courageous presence and Our willingness to choOse selflOve.

MagiC Crew of FeminineNature wil Swep us with aLive music n later Dreamy delicious Djing – inviting crispy n soft dancing – MiiiiiiiiaaauuuuUw!

We will invite into a relaxed and tranquil Atmosphere – We hold a openness Of Sensual nature- as we Open our hearts -we open the flow of life creatiOn within.-a very natural expression of this is connectiOn through our body and divine spirit in sensual form. All our senses Open. Open to connect with ReSpeCt! – LooK into the eYeS – this is where we truly meet!!!
A conscious SensuaL dream – Yet NoT a SexuaL space- Please connect with Grace- ThiS is the nights wayS ¤

¤ CacaO is a Plant medicine- Devine Nature! ¤
Cacao supports us in Awakening energy in our heArts and bodies, bring PreSence and vital mOvement to areas of stagnation. The cacao also helps us cOnnect with earth energies and inspires the transmutation and alchemy of lower energies into mOre refined states. She sparks your soul aLive!!!

A Space to bring your dear friends for a beautiful time together, a sweet space for you to rest inside, cleanse and connect to your heart. TrulY LOVE yOUrself- A transforming space where you can let the Cacao rinse and rise your vibration ¤ A wonderful place to come After a full week or Weekend – after a full Year of Dancing life or what fills yOur time….

There will be open doors from 16 time to arrive n warm up, Note doOrs WILL close at 16.45!! sO the Liquid Cacao Dream can starts calmly at 17 ¤… and will flow into first a time in silence – Some simple Breath n voice work -then Creation and Music will journey uS where we are call to by the moment … Free to enjoy the hole place and later the Sauna, n some swell sauna Gus, Dreamy dancing to delicious Dj ….!!!

Clothing will be optional and naked skin will surly shine, there will be a place to nurture yourself with Dreamy liquids, smoothies-and Jungle fruits juices. Also a lot of tasty hOme made raw chocolates….. Bring a bit of Gold if it tempts you….. ¤

Get yOur tiCket here: https://place2book.com/da/choose_ticket_sales_workflow?seccode=bd577851f0

priCe: 16okr
or get tiCket in the dooR (max 42 beingS)
(inc the price are the CacaO, Sauna gus, free flow of the Jungle space- Some fruits n a CacaO love scrubs)
Contact 42405870 if Any ??

We cant wait to dream with yOu!!!!

CacaO Love
Magic crew n Michaela